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First step: Once we are engaged on a project we conduct thorough briefing with you, our client...

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The studio it is known for Interior Architecture of residences and businesses such as...

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We set the trends of modern living. KUB is an Interior Design studio based in Javea founded by...

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Interior design that touches your senses and needs

We invite you to express your desires and stimulate your creative drive.

In a world in continuous transformation and faced with constant challenges, the image of our homes, work spaces and other interior environments needs to adapt to confer a sense of tranquility, a sense of well-being and purpose. It is equally beneficial for home confort, workspace productivity and also for commercial related activities to have a healthier and a more appealing interior design.

Thus, the environment in which we live and work must materialize concepts of simple functionality, creativity, sustainability, aesthetics and confort. It must be like a symphony that charms our senses – a design that is wholeheartedly experienced and enjoyed. We all have an idea about the use of space, our ideal home interior design that can please our senses and our confort needs. We just need to materialize our desires into something tangible, something unique. That is when the interior designer’s talent and experience comes into place.

We aim to set the trends of modern living.



Our expert team.

It's always been pretty simple for us. Great people make great work. Meet the team...

Anca Duculescu


Bogdan Vrinceanu


Jeffrey Bishop

Interior Designer - CAD Expert

The role of the interior designer

An interior designer has one goal on his mind - enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of interior spaces, through harmonized design concepts.

There are countless possibilities of achieving a pleasant environment for the benefit of the people. The duty of the designer is to choose the most pleasing and adequate design elements and combine them into a coherent manner. It is no easy task. An ideal combination of science and art is needed.

To provide the best possible outcomes an interior design agency employs a broad range of smart and creative solutions. These include research, planning, strategy, programming, innovation and communication skills. It is a wide array of carefully executed steps that lead to the desired outcome – a thriving living environment. In this way, your senses can fully experience your desired needs and preferences for a welcoming interior atmosphere.



Our clients say.

Anca knew exactly what we wanted when we shared our ideas for our new home. The entire renovation experience was a good one even though we are caught in the mist of Covid situation. Renovation was completed within the agreed timeframe, quality is superb and completed smoothly within the budget.

By Arsenio Justa

When I saw these magical 3D renderings of my space, I sort of lost my mind… during this entire process I’ve really trusted Anca to create an amazing space, so after receiving these life-like renderings I knew she was basically a genius. The team really nailed it with the materials and balance of light and dark for my space.

By Judith Campo

I wholeheartedly recommend. Anca and her team managed to create the perfect space for my family. Passion, creativity and attachment are the words that define them. They consider everyone’s needs and so we find ourselves in every corner of our house. Our first house, an oasis of relaxation. Thanks Kub Concept

By Alexander Szolla

Perspectives for a better interior design

At Kub Concept we provide an active and client-oriented approach to give shape to interior environments that fulfill your needs.

We are an interior design firm focused on a multifaceted strategy based on experience, multiple skills and passion for better home and commercial interior design concepts. We take into account every design aspect in order to create a functional and an aesthetically pleasing interior environment.

You have to know that you are an integral part of the creation process. The project revolves around your vision for the future interior space. We offer our guidance and skills for you to achieve the desired interior environment and customize it according to your wishes. We provide a three stage process of developing the project, where you can visualize in 3D realistic renderings how the future interior space will look. In this way you can be sure that the best possible outcome will be achieved.


Years experience

Expert partners

Happy customers

Active projects

We invite you to express your desires and stimulate your creative drive. What is your ideal home interior? Let us provide you with the tools and skills that will make your dream come to life. You’ll have a first hand experience of your own functional and design preferences materialized.

Elegant yet practical, emotional yet functional, our work is a reflection of our friendly invitation for creating beauty with ease.