Commercial spaces are so present in our lives that it’s easy to pass by most of them unless you are searching for specific items or services. But how should a store catch your eye, and what makes it appealing? Maybe it is a place that is enjoyable, easy to navigate and respectful towards its customers. A store that is enveloped in a particular style, harmonized with its purpose and functionality. Interior design for shops is aimed at bringing all these attributes up front to be experienced by clients and also to reflect the identity of the brand. 

Shops interior design involves a lot of creativity but also thorough research that spans various categories. It involves a mix of science and artistic flair to envision a concept that is both functional and attractive. KUB Concept offers you the opportunity to take part in the creative process of the shop’s interior. Thus, each step will be subordinated to suit your needs and preferences. We work with a handpicked team of experts in the fields of art, crafts, furnishing that provide the most adequate stylistic details to boost the image of the store interior.

Before we start constructing we offer you interactive 3D renderings of the future space. This way you can better visualize all the aspects of the project and customize them until you are completely satisfied with the result. Perhaps interior design for shops was never more interactive and fun like it is now. We take into account all the safety and accessibility requirements needed in retail interior design. At the end of the day your brand will have a place to manifest itself and attract the gaze of future customers.

Let us create together your preferred design for a store interior that is memorable to your clients and loyal to the brand.

Elegant yet practical, emotional yet functional, our work is a reflection of our friendly invitation for creating beauty with ease.