There are interior spaces which define human activities and are designed to better provide a full experience of the role they express. This is the case with HoReCa design for hotel, restaurant or bar interiors. The main objective of an interior design created for these types of environments is to project the identity and values of a brand and transfer them to the interior spaces, while creating an original atmosphere.

KUB Concept provides the expertise and skills needed to shape the essence of your brand and give it a place worth remembering. We offer a multi-faceted approach that is based on market research, programming, design, visualization and communication in order to develop a project that fits the space’s modern needs. A hotel interior or a bar interior has to follow a specific style, according to various traditions and also incorporate original creative solutions.

What catches the eye is the internal atmosphere, the combination of various elements, furnishings, color palette, light, art, or specific details that lure the view and give the place a unique feeling. We can offer our guidance and support through the development process and cover both the aesthetic and the operational necessities of a given space. For underneath the elegance and originality of a restaurant interior has to be a fully operational frame. Thus, we take into account all mandatory requirements for safety and accessibility needed in HoReCa design.

Our 3D rendered presentations will enable you to fully visualize all the aspects of the future interior design in order to customize it according to the given requirements and your stylistic preferences. Our studio champions an array of talented and highly professional artisans, artists and suppliers that offer their specific expertise to enhance the quality of the interior design details. Let us join you in the quest of bringing to life a memorable HoReCa interior design project.

Elegant yet practical, emotional yet functional, our work is a reflection of our friendly invitation for creating beauty with ease.