Residential Houses

When we are asked about interior design most of us think about house interior design. This is a natural response, for our homes are quintessential to our lives. We want to have a personal place created to fulfill our needs and desires. Everyone has their own idea of their ideal home, a confortable and unique space decorated according to personal preferences. To achieve this goal KUB Concept offers you guidance and support to to see your dream residential house come true.

When it comes to designing home interiors it is essential that we develop a close relationship with our clients, in order to better understand what are the needs and preferences envisioned by them. Thus, you will have a central role in the designing process. You become our driving motivation to create a house design that encapsulates your personal imprint. At the end of the day you will experience and enjoy those elements that bring a sense of confort and belonging to your residential home. 

We offer an interior design project that integrates a palette of skills ranging from research, planning, programming, concept visualization, to art and communication. Our collaboration is based on an easy three step development plan in which we will show you a gradual progression towards the end result. You will have a first hand perspective about how your residence will look, visualizing it through our 3D house design realistic renderings. Based on them we can fine tune and customize every aspect of the future home in order to create the best possible interior environment for you.

We work with the most talented artists and craftsmen so that your house interior design offers a harmonious balance between functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and confort. These are the attributes that define a XXI century quality interior design with a personalized identity. We thus invite you to take part on a creative journey that will use your imagination, your desires and take you to your dream residential house. In this case, the journey is equally fascinating as the destination. We will be your guides and provide the tools and skills to achieve your ideal living space. 

Luxury Villas

One of the best aspects about interior design is its versatility. It can be applied successfully to a wide range of spaces. Modern villa interior design combines practical solutions with exquisite furnishings and decorations to offer unique interiors with bold personalities. KUB Concept proposes a client-oriented and a step by step approach in order to achieve a memorable villa interior. Our studio champions many talented artists, artisans and suppliers that together with our design solutions create state of the art interiors for villas.

Working to achieve a welcoming and sophisticated luxury villa interior design is a boundless source for creativity and craft. In a villa there are different spaces that can be customized, given a certain artistic style, or offered a specific purpose. All these design aspects are selected with your help. Working with you is key for envisioning your needs and desires and achieving the best possible version for the project. A luxury villa interior design is a quintessential manifestation of your personal statement for style, confort and uniqueness.

We provide you with elegant and innovative design solutions and expertise that bind the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project. During the development stage you will visualize 3D realistic renderings of the interiors, so that we can choose the right characteristics for the villa’s interior before the start of the building process.

We provide the best quality materials, personalized arrangements and color palette for every room or space. At the same time we ensure that the whole project has a unique and elegant style, specifically chosen to fulfill your preferences.

Be a part of the process that enables you to materialize your ideal luxury villa design interior. Join us in creating a contemporary villa that you can enjoy and experience with all your senses!  


What makes a house truly unique, that attracts your attention immediately? Perhaps it is a well designed home that has a personal character and a harmonious style. It might be an apartment interior design that has the ability to convey a sense of belonging and stylish confort. Perhaps it is the materialization of someone’s dreams and desires. An ideal home.

KUB Concept studio offers you the chance to visualize and experience your ideal apartment interior design. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach that balances science and art in order to express your needs and preferences for a personalized environment. Our expertise and various skills implemented will ensure that all the interior spaces will be cohesive and will adhere to a stylistic concept carefully chosen together.

The driving force behind the realization of the project is you

A strong client- oriented relationship is vital to the understanding of the vision and desires one has for their ideal home. We work with a talented and experienced array of craftsmen, artists and suppliers so that the apartment interiors will have top quality furnishings, decorations and art, customized and chosen according to your stylistic preferences.

You will be able to see the creative process evolve step by step. Our 3D realistic simulations of the apartment interior design solutions will ensure that all necessary adjustments will be done before the building stage begins. In this way you will be sure that the final project has all the details preferred by you. Every design aspect will be discussed and customized in order to create functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors for all the rooms and spaces.

Thus, we invite you to take part and enjoy the making of process of your apartment interior and to experience first hand the pleasure of residing in your ideal home.

Country Houses

Interior design is a craft that responds to the various needs and preferences of the people in terms of interior enhancement. It can be implemented to offer a sense of confort and uniqueness to personal spaces and residences. Everyone has their own idea of an ideal refuge where to escape and disconnect. A country house is built specifically to correspond to a certain tradition of confort and tranquility in the middle of nature. Country house interior design fascinates because it is both timeless and personal.

Country houses offer personal spaces steeped in tradition, that are highly adaptable, elegant, yet simple. Their architecture and design follows certain elements that make them specific to a land, be it an English country house, an American farmhouse or a Mediterranean country house. Their design is primarily functional, sustainable and charming. KUB Concept offers its expertise and support to create hospitable and unique country house interiors.

We offer state of the art design solutions and a client-oriented approach for customizing and enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of a country home interior so as to better suit your needs. We work with talented and experienced artisans, artists and suppliers that contribute with quality furnishings, decorations and art to instill a bold and personal character to the interiors. You will be able to follow every step of the development project and see how the country house will look thanks to our 3D realistic renderings.

We ensure that the final result will meet your needs and expectations. All the elements and details of the country house style interior will also respect the tradition of a residence that is harmonious and respectful to its natural surroundings. You have the chance to experience an interior environment that only a well designed country house is able to offer.

Elegant yet practical, emotional yet functional, our work is a reflection of our friendly invitation for creating beauty with ease.